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Karel Konings obtained his masters from the Catholic University of Leuven, where he majored in Engineering. Not being fulfilled with this career, he went to the Theatre Academy of Amsterdam (AHK) and learnt the craft of acting.

During this period, he also sparked a passion for filmmaking and made his first shortfilm 'CHARLIE Z'. The film is based on the internet troll Charlie Zelenoff, who acquired fifteen minutes of YouTube fame by challenging unexperienced boxers in the gym and then brutally beating them up. In 2022 he made another shortfilm called ‘JAGERS’, which follows a group of young pedophile hunters in a night-gone-wrong. The film was screened at the Netherlands Film Festival.

His latest short ‘VOGELKOOI’ (ENG: BIRDCAGE) premiered in October 2023 at Screamfest. Earlier that year he also played the lead in a Rwandese feature film called KIGALI 21. Having acted, directed and written, he is now determined to combine these crafts and create movies that will hook the viewers for ages. 
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