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Trailer JAGERS

Short Film 'JAGERS ' 2022

The short film was directed and written by Karel Konings in co-creatien with Maarten Sleegers.

The film will be distributed to multiple festivals.


Logline: After a group of so-called paedophile hunters beat up an alleged paedophile, one of them fears he has been recognized by him.

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Still 4_VOGELKOOI_KarelKonings.jpg
Still 5_VOGELKOOI_KarelKonings.jpg
Still 3_VOGELKOOI_KarelKonings.jpg


Short Film 'VOGELKOOI ' 2023

The short film was directed and written by Karel Konings. Co-written by Alyce Sevink. The film is now in the post-production phase.


Logline: In een geheime instelling in 1952 probeert een verpleegster een jongetje met gevaarlijke krachten te redden voordat de koelbloedige dokters hun volgende ronde doen...

Poster Charlie Z 2.jpeg

Short Film 'CHARLIE Z ' 2020

The film was directed and written by Karel Konings. It played at a number of festivals and won the Audience Award at 'Euregion Film Festival'.


Logline: Boxing’s rising Youtube star ‘Charlie Z’ and his wicked manager Rabid try to impress a documentary crew following them to their next big fight.

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